The Youth Training Program

An Immersive Learning Experience for Globally Oriented Students

The Things We Learn is proud to offer WFUNA’s Youth Training Program in New York and Vienna. The week-long Youth Training Program is specifically designed for Middle and High School participants.

It provides hands-on information, practical knowledge and guidance to participants on how to better understand the UN-system, the challenges of multilateralism and the role of their country within the international community.

Building a Global Network

Students engage and network with representatives of the UN, diplomats from their home country as well as NGO officials. Career advice is given in dedicated sessions.

All trainings are planned and led by a WFUNA professional trainer responsible for the activities and workshops while at least 2 assistant trainers are present during the entire week, all solely dedicated to the participants’ learning objectives being reached. This setting also allows for the required flexibility that is needed to guarantee a fluid implementation of the different facets of the program.

Based on the student’s specific needs we provide learning materials in advance, this includes an interactive digital learning experience.

A Unique Educational Experience

Aside from academic goals, we set high objectives in terms of the participants’ personal experience. Throughout the week the leading trainer will promote team spirit while adapting to the needs of the students with empathy.

At the conclusion of the program, participants are awarded a certificate of completion bearing the UN logo.