Frequently Asked Questions


Youth Training Program

Will the participants receive a certificate?

Upon completion of the training, each participant receives a nominative certificate during an award ceremony.

What themes will the training program cover?

Through the YTP, WFUNA fosters the engagement of youth in the UN’s work by providing hands-on information, practical knowledge and guidance to participants on how to better understand the UN-system, the challenges of multilateralism and the role of their country within the international community. You can find a sample program here.

Can the program be adapted to our school’s curriculum?

Yes, please let us know what your specific needs and interests are and we will get back to you with suggestions. You can contact our program manager here.

What is the minimum/maximum group size?

The program can be attended by groups, as well as individuals. For groups the ideal size is between 22 - 39 students.

What age group is the program designed for?

The program is specifically designed for high-school students between the ages of 14 to 19 years. Groups with younger or older students are, however, very welcome to contact us. We will be happy to discuss alternative programs suited for your age group.

Can individual students sign up for the program?

Yes. There are fixed dates available throughout the year for individual participants. If you are interested to join the program as an individual, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales director.

Any more questions?

Pricing, Logistics, Accommodation and Travel

What are the program fees?

The program fees are € 2,900 per student. The fees include the entire costs of the trainings, all materials and all lunches. Please contact us for a quote including all dinners on the five training days, all cultural activities (incl. tickets), all transport to and from the hotel as well as airport transfer.

How will the students get to and from the UN headquarters every day?

An all-inclusive shuttle service can be provided. Students will be picked up in the mornings and also transported from the training venue to the different cultural activities across the city. After the cultural activities, students will be picked up and returned to their hotel.

Are accommodations and travel to Vienna included?

No, we invite schools to make their own travel arrangements and book hotels. We are, however, happy to recommend hotels that offer special packages for YTP groups as well as refer you to full service travel agencies based in Vienna.

Cultural Program

Which of the cultural activities will the students actually attend?

Before coming to either Vienna or New York the school can decide which of the cultural activities to make available to their students. The students can then express their preferences for three of the activities which we will try to accommodate to the best of our abilities. The final cultural program will be made available in advance.

Are all the cultural activities available year-round?

Whereas most activities are available all year, some are seasonal. We will be able to provide a definitive list, once the date for the training program is set.